You may have wondered if it is possible to modify the name of the applications installed on your device. You may want to simplify it to identify them more quickly. Or it may just be a question of aesthetics. In any case, here are two very simple ways to modify the name of an application on Android.

Rename Apps on Android

How to rename your apps with Nova Launcher

The easiest way to change the name of the applications on your terminal is by using a third-party launcher. One of the most popular and versatile is Nova Launcher.

Although it has several payment options, it is not necessary to purchase its Prime version to change the name of an application. Once installed and set as the default, you simply have to locate the icon of the application you want to rename.

  • Make a long press on it and, in the pop-up menu, tap on the Edit button.
  • Write the name you want to assign to the app’s tag in the text field.
  • Click Done to confirm.

The application, from that moment on, will be identified with the name you have assigned it, both on the home screen and in the application drawer. The downside to this method is that you have to keep Nova Launcher as your default launcher. If you decide to replace it, the custom names will disappear.

How to rename an app with QuickShortcutMaker

The second method that we show you comes from QuickShortcutMaker. This tool allows you to create shortcuts with custom names for any application.


  • First of all, download its APK and install it. Once you have it, add a new widget to the home screen. You must add the one under the QuickShortcutMaker statement.
  • Access the list of applications and tap on the application you want to change the name of. For this example, we have chosen the Google application.
  • On the next screen, tap on the name of the app.
  • In the text field that you will see in the pop-up dialog, write the name of your choice.
  • Finally, click on Create.

The shortcut will have been created on your home screen with the specified name. You must bear in mind that, with this process, you will create a shortcut on the home screen with the custom name. However, in the app drawer, the displayed name will be the original. The positive point is that, unlike the previous method, this one is compatible with any application launcher.

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