Have you ever received calls from unknown numbers or numbers whose origin you do not know? Probably yes, and you are wondering how often it happened to me: How do I know who called me to follow AppsPC for more details. In recent years, the “nuisances” who try to offer us indispensable offers at any time of day have multiplied. Furthermore, it may happen that you receive calls from a number that is not in the phonebook and want to understand who it belongs to.

Identify the Owner of a Phone Number

These techniques that I am about to show you, have come in very handy when I wanted to understand who was hiding behind an ad posted online. They are simple absolutely legal tricks that in many cases will help you to trace the Name and Surname of the owner of the mobile number.

Identify a mobile number to trace the owner

What are the tools that allow us to trace the owner of a mobile number? Here is a list of some useful tips to identify who is hiding behind a phone number to be able to understand who called and what their identity is:

Google search

The first solution is also the most trivial: enter the phone number directly on the Google search bar and see what comes out in the results. This solution is effective when the number belongs to a company (perhaps a hospital that confirms a visit to us, a pharmacy, a shop, or an advertisement published online, etc.).

The underlying mechanism is very simple: company data are often inserted into sites and can be easily retrieved through a quick search.

Advanced Google Search

Sometimes it is not enough to enter a phone number on Google to find out the sender of a call at the first search result.

A second attempt is to insert the telephone number with or without spaces and inserting the β€œ-> Eg:β€œ 340 123456 ”at the ends of the number.

Sites and Apps to find out who owns a mobile number

Among the most used services in this field, I definitely point out Tellows. This tool allows you to track down in a fairly simple way any annoyances who work on behalf of some telemarketing companies and to find out whose mobile number they called.


This is a free web service that, through an App or a search via a website, is able to make you understand if the person who called you is a nuisance who wants to offer you a contract for electricity and gas or to change telephone operators.

The percentage of trust is so high because this website records the reports of various users and since companies almost always use the same numbers it is not difficult to “tag” these numbers as spam.


Sometimes it is not even necessary to do a Google search to try to identify an unknown number since the Google Phone app does it directly to report an incoming call from a “spammer”. In case this is not possible, you could install another app specialized in this sector: it is Truecaller.


This app is a great help against spammers because it not only identifies any annoyances but is able to block spam and telemarketing calls, to see the names of unknown numbers in the call history, but not only. The app is even capable of automatically identifying unknown SMS and automatically blocking spam and telemarketing SMS.

The app is free but there is also a Premium version that offers other benefits such as recording phone calls, the ability to find out who has seen your profile, and also provides an option to view profiles privately.


This service operates in a slightly different way from the others as it provides a list of phone numbers from registered users to this service. Technically the potential is very wide but the effects could be limited by the registration necessary for the service (both on your part and on the part of any annoyance). In any case, it will not be a problem for you to register as it will only take you a few minutes and to speed up the operations you can also register via the Facebook app.

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